16 Strategies for your Facebook Group

Are you an admin looking to build something more from your group but just don't know where to begin? This was me four years ago. Now I have a group that I'm passionate about, and a companion business!

I’d like to share some ideas for how you can get started on YOUR business-building journey.

Download my FREE guide: 16 Strategies For Your Facebook Group to learn 16 different methods to help you grow your passion for community while you uplevel your group.

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Do you have an active community Facebook group?

In 2015, I was a burnt out Facebook group admin. 

I loved my group... but it was simply too much work, without a lot of rewards.

I started researching how to build a business from my job as a group admin. I knew I could connect my local neighborhood group to a companion business, and I knew I could do it so that my members, myself, and Facebook all benefit! 

Now I have a seamless process that works!

I’d like to share my free guide: 16 Strategies For Your Facebook Group to help get you started on upleveling YOUR group.

Let's do this!

"I have been there! I know it’s daunting trying to figure out where to even begin. Use my guide to get started with upleveling your group!"


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